Solutions & Services

The various departments at Assurance & Conseils are the reflection of your operations!

To serve you better, we have organized our activities into separate departments dedicated to various markets and sectors.

Audit and Advisory

We believe there is no one in a better position to represent a community than an independent broker.
Assurances & Conseils puts its experience and expertise in auditing, the tendering process, policies and policy negotiation to work for you. We offer ongoing support including management assistance, as well as accredited training for your staff.
Tendering and formalizing policies.
Assurances & Conseils works with you to develop tender documents in line with your needs and ambitions, and (...)

Property damage

In addition to direct damage, we also provide coverage for all losses.
We are specialists in general insurance for businesses and professionals. We insure property and material assets (both on your premises and during transport), automotive fleets and provide coverage for intangible operating losses such.
Customized coverage for your specific needs
Risks related to property damage are naturally included in our customized policies. The Business Department team at Assurances & Conseils is (...)

Civil Liability

Extensive coverage for your liabilities
Your civil liability could come into play in various ways: through your operations, products, services, employees, managers or corporate officers. It could result from a losses incurred by a client, an employee or a third party, or from environmental damage. Regardless of the situation, Assurances & Conseils will provide you a customized assessment and solution.
Civil liability risks:
Professional civil liability
Operational civil liability (...)

Property Assets

Our expertise is put to the test every day.
Over 12,000 buildings insured in the Ile-de-France region
35 production and claims department employees
Trustees and managers, owners of industrial buildings or property assets: the Real Estate department at Assurances & Conseils has a dedicated contact person for you in both the production and compensation areas.
Regardless of the size of your property assets, we offer you:
An integrated “verification service”,
Exclusive agreements with the top (...)


Our role as broker takes on its full meaning in this area. As a specialist in this market, we provide a dedicated construction department to serve your needs best. This department insures and manages all construction-related risks for all participants in this market.
Construction companies and public works,
Contractors, engineering design firms,
Public or private contracting parties,
Public-private partnerships,
Semi-public companies, social housing offices, communities, (...)