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Because you are unique and your assets are precious

Your assets are precious whether they are artwork, valuable furniture or prestigious residences. On your behalf, we seek, set up and manage the insurance policies offered by specialized insurers which are best suited to your needs, with our priority focus on obtaining the best value for money.

For your main and secondary residences

  • Multi-risk insurance covering your valuable objects, without designation, with high investment values and specific guarantees.
  • Comprehensive coverage for your artwork and jewelry, regardless of location.
  • Our market experience to access the best insurers and experts in precious assets.

For your prestigious vehicles

  • Specific contracts for your high-end or collector’s vehicles
  • Our exclusive “Insur-matic” contract for your automatic vehicles. For your assets and financial protection
  • Solutions for asset analysis and policies with specialized companies
  • Studies on the fiscal impact of business and asset transfers
  • If you are the head of a business, advice on judicious use of personal additional retirement possibilities