Audit and Advisory

We believe there is no one in a better position to represent a community than an independent broker.

Assurances & Conseils puts its experience and expertise in auditing, the tendering process, policies and policy negotiation to work for you. We offer ongoing support including management assistance, as well as accredited training for your staff.

Tendering and formalizing policies.

Assurances & Conseils works with you to develop tender documents in line with your needs and ambitions, and assists you with all necessary tasks including :

  • Answering questions from candidates
  • Analyzing calls for tender
  • Negotiating policies
  • Setting up policies

Management assistance.

As an independent broker, positioned solely on the side of the public purchaser, we assist you throughout the entire contract process, providing ongoing support with tasks such as :

  • Implementing internal administrative Management and financing procedures
  • Verifying application of contractual clauses and conditions of contract performance
  • Managing calls for premiums and drafting amendments
  • Representing your interests to experts
  • Defining prevention resources
  • Ensuring technical and financial monitoring of your insurance program
  • Informing you of changes in regulations and case law.

Training if necessary

We offer modular training courses at your premises on topics such as:

  • Administrative and financial management of an insurance program
  • Presentation of risks
  • Claims management under common law
  • Settlement agreements
  • Maintenance of a performance scorecard.