We offer a complete range of services related to insurance and management of a fleet of lightweight vehicles or trucks.

Given the significant insurance budget required for an automotive fleet, whether comprised of lightweight vehicles or trucks, it makes sense to take advantage of the services we offer:

  • Statistics analysis and tender invitation for specialized insurers: a thorough study of the nature and costs of automotive claims makes it possible to adjust the insurance rates for a fleet, regardless of the types of coverage.
  • Advice on how to set-up an effective damage-prevention plan: our prevention measures are simple to implement and can quickly improve the performance of your automotive fleets. We may also call upon outside specialist service providers if necessary.
  • Coverage for shipped merchandise: a merchandise loss may lead to significant costs (margin loss, late delivery penalties, disruption to just-in-time delivery schedules, etc.) for you or your client. If need be these risks will be assessed and covered.
  • To serve you better, we have negotiated the delegation of automotive claims management with our partner insurers.