Our role as broker takes on its full meaning in this area.

As a specialist in this market, we provide a dedicated construction department to serve your needs best. This department insures and manages all construction-related risks for all participants in this market.

  • Construction companies and public works,
  • SMEs,
  • Contractors, engineering design firms,
  • Public or private contracting parties,
  • Public-private partnerships,
  • Semi-public companies, social housing offices, communities,
  • Building trustees and managers (works damage with annual policy supplemented by individual projects),
  • Builders of individual homes,
  • Property developers ….

This department provides the following support:

  • Needs assessment,
  • Studies and investment
  • Production management,
  • Claims management,
  • Technical assistance,
  • Training and advice….

The policies available cover all branches of construction insurance:

  • Comprehensive worksite risks,
  • Worksite damage,
  • Constructor not carrying out the work,
  • Civil liabilities:
    • Ten-year plan
    • Professional
    • Contracting party
    • Property developer
    • Operation
  • Collective policy,
  • Group additional policy …..