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Always on the front line to defend you

As an independent insurance broker, we represent you to insurers who are our partners. We are familiar with their expertise and stability (in particular their financial solvency) and will defend your interests with complete objectivity.

Closer to you to provide the most relevant advice

Our teams are organized into departments based on areas of expertise, and are flexible, available and responsive. You can count on a prompt response from your personal advisor for all your needs, from drawing up contracts to managing risks and compensation for any losses. We work closely with you to offer personalized solutions carefully adapted to fit your requirements.

By your side to help you navigate in a complex world

We are here to serve you everyday on a day-to-day basis and over time. Among other services, we negotiate policies for you, keep you informed of changes in the market and regulatory environment, and help you reduce costs by recommending suitable prevention measures. Your peace of mind is our priority.