Property damage

In addition to direct damage, we also provide coverage for all losses.

We are specialists in general insurance for businesses and professionals. We insure property and material assets (both on your premises and during transport), automotive fleets and provide coverage for intangible operating losses such.

Customized coverage for your specific needs

Risks related to property damage are naturally included in our customized policies. The Business Department team at Assurances & Conseils is available to assess your operations’ risks and to offer you the solutions you may need in every area.

Coverage for all risks

Although direct damage is the type of risk that comes to mind first, do not forget that your business could be affected by other losses. We also insure:

  • Risk of damage to your property (buildings, equipment, machine breakdown, supplies, inventory)
  • Risk of intangible loss resulting from material damage: operating loss, loss of contract
  • Risk of damage to merchandise during shipping
  • Risks related to the use of lightweight vehicles and trucks (automotive fleet)
  • Risks related to Internet use